How I Plan My Trips

Risultati immagini per plane ellarendDo you really want to travel but have a low budget?
Here are my tips on how to visit (almost) all at a low cost.

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My History with Blogging

person holding chocolate bar near laptop

I’ve been blogging since I was in high school.
Weirdly enough, for around 9 years.
I’ve had multiple blogs, from fashion to makeup, to lifestyle and photography to a mix of everything like this one. I’ve written in Italian, English and Spanish, even if I normally tend to English as my primary blogging language and WordPress as my platform.

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Portugal & Spain – Part II – Spain

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Like I promised, I am slowly (and finally!) showing you the photos of my last trips.
In February, after going to Portugal, I continued to Spain, in particular the South of Spain, with its magical and gorgeous cities I immediately fell in love with.

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Portugal and Spain – Part I – Portugal


Portugal has become in the last year one of my favourite countries so far.
It’s warm, welcoming, beautiful, safe and cheap.

I could stay for weeks drinking coffee, reading and going to the beach.
Far from your normal fast-paced cities, you can find balance and peace here, so it’s perfect for a short or long vacation.

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Lima – Dec.17

Lima is always wonderful, even when it’s grey (90% of the times then), but Summer gives this city a special touch. Walking down the malecón, eating ceviche and sipping chilcanos with friends, going to Barranco and admiring a sunset disappear on the ocean are activities I cannot miss when visiting La Ciudad de los Reyes.

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