20 Netflix Shows You Should Watch

The entire world now has much more time on their hands, and what has been saving our morale is something that in “normal” days many people would consider not fundamental: the arts.
From the unread books in our house to painting to the series and movies we never managed to watch because we were so busy (with what?), we are rediscovering our long lost (or never explored) love for everything that is creative.
This is the first post of a series about creative things that I have enjoyed lately or that I always recommend. Let’s start with Netflix!

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Inside April

In April I lost track of the weeks and the days and just patiently waited for everything to go back to some normality. In the meantime I cooked, ate, did yoga, painted and walked. These are the shots I took while doing that.

How to Beat Unproductiveness in Corona Times

Our bodies and minds are confused now. Because we can’t fight the virus or run away from it, we are like in a state of shock.
We keep thinking about things we would like to do or places to go, and then immediately toss that idea aside because we are completely uncertain about our life and what will happen in the next weeks and months. We’re grieving our freedom, we’re grieving the things that will never be the same.
That’s why we are tired (even if we do much less), and can’t focus, and honestly the people showing all the things they are doing every hour of the day makes this feeling worse, because we just can’t do the same.

A Weekend in July 2019

I found the draft of a post I wrote in July 2019 about a normal summer weekend in Zurich, eating and drinking out and enjoying the sun with friends, and and I read it at home alone in a quarantine day when I weirdly wore normal clothes AND makeup. Check it out. 

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Free Courses for Your Quarantine

Are you at home and don’t know what to do? Have you already watched every Netflix show that sparks your interest? Have a look at all these courses to improve your creativity and career.

March: The Uncanny Month

Uncanny: strange and difficult to explain.
This has been one of the weirdest months of my life, but I have discovered multiple things about the world and myself, what exactly my priorities are, and how valuable mental health is (and how it should always come first).

A Weekend in Paris

Working during the week, getting lost during the weekend, Paris in February was grey but fantastic.

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