In the Past Months

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In the past months I didn’t post because I chose to give preference to other things in my life, but I never stopped photographing, so here are some things I did while offline.

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Portugal and Spain – Part I – Portugal


Portugal has become in the last year one of my favourite countries so far.
It’s warm, welcoming, beautiful, safe and cheap.

I could stay for weeks drinking coffee, reading and going to the beach.
Far from your normal fast-paced cities, you can find balance and peace here, so it’s perfect for a short or long vacation.

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Lima – Dec.17

Lima is always wonderful, even when it’s grey (90% of the times then), but Summer gives this city a special touch. Walking down the malecón, eating ceviche and sipping chilcanos with friends, going to Barranco and admiring a sunset disappear on the ocean are activities I cannot miss when visiting La Ciudad de los Reyes.

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Lucerne #2

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While I’m writing this, burrito-wrapped in my grey Ikea blanket,  I can see the snow falling down on the roofs of the city. It has been a great ride so far.
Here are some of the photos of my last three months in Winterland.

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Verkehrshaus Luzern

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A Sunday some weeks (months) ago, when it was still sunny and nice, I decided to get up of bed and check the most visited museum in Switzerland: the Swiss Museum of Transport. This huge – 20,000 m² – museum has, among other things, a Planetarium, a cinema and a Swiss Chocolate Experience with Lindt, and it is incredibly fun and educational for people of all ages.

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A Month in Lucerne

10 Gelati & Caffé luzern lucerne

I’m writing from one of the few coffee shops open on a Sunday and, needless to say, it’s packed.  It’s pouring outside and from my seat I can see people running with and without umbrellas to arrive quickly home. Others try to shelter here but there’s no space. I guess people inside – me included – aren’t going anywhere in a while.

flight moving away europe plane sky

Three days ago it was my one-month anniversary (monthiversary?) in Lucerne. In these weeks I saw the transition from hot summer days to rainy autumn evenings and from what people have told me the last ones are gonna stay with us for a very long time.

As the photography enthusiast I am, I tried to take pictures every day of my daily life. My first month back in the Old Continent wasn’t adventurous but was definitely amazing. Here’s a sample of what I did.
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Yes, Stay


My last trip before leaving Peru was to Arequipa, the second biggest city in the country. One of the possible origins of the word is the sentence “Ari qhipay” (in Quechua: “Yes, stay”) and honestly I would have stayed much longer.
The city, surrounded by volcanos, is located at 2,328 metres above sea level, so definitely not Lima, but I didn’t have any problem with the altitude.

The typical Arequipan house is made in ashlar, a volcanic stone from the area, and the walls are usually painted in cobalt blue, white or ochre. I fell deeply in love with these colours and the small streets and corners of the city center. The food was delicious (of course).
Here are some of my photos.
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Recently on Netflix #1

Recently on Netflix 1

I watch a lot of Netflix. Watching tv series in bed after a long day is what I do every night before sleeping. Having lunch with my friends and talking about what we had watched the night before was one of my favourite things about university.
I usually go from light comedy to really serious drama, depending on how I’m feeling that day. The only things I’m not a fan of are horror and thriller.

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