Recently on Netflix #1

Recently on Netflix 1

I watch a lot of Netflix. Watching tv series in bed after a long day is what I do every night before sleeping. Having lunch with my friends and talking about what we had watched the night before was one of my favourite things about university.
I usually go from light comedy to really serious drama, depending on how I’m feeling that day. The only things I’m not a fan of are horror and thriller.

Recently I’ve watched on Netflix:

  • Elementary: Detective story. US version of Sherlock, set in New York. Watson is a woman (Lucy Liu) and Sherlock is an addict full of tattoos. I see it as a totally different story and for that reason I like it. If you want something really similar to the books, go for BBC’s Sherlock.
  • Billions: Wall Street drama. A district attorney chasing after a billionaire and finance’s genius. Dirty money, power and intrigue.
  • Atypical: Comedy-drama. An autistic teenager super fan of penguins starts to date because he wants to fall in love. Not that easy as he thought.
  • Friends: Comedy. It doesn’t need any explanation. I grew up with it and I’m now rewatching every episode. It’s still amazing and I will always be a Monica.
  • The Incredible Jessica James: Romantic comedy. theatre-lover and recently single girl goes on a blind date to try to forget her ex. It was okay but I basically just watched it for Chris O’Dowd.
  • Friends from College: It should be comedy, but forget about it. I could just watch 2 episodes. I’m sorry, Cobie Smulders (Robin in HIMYM), it’s not you, it’s the story.
  • Glow: 1980s (puffy hairstyles and spandex included), women of all types and backgrounds join Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and start training for a new show.
  • The Standups: Comedy. 6 short (half an hour each) stand-up comedy specials. Amazing. My favourite is Beth Stelling’s one.
  • Dear White People: The best for last. Comedy-drama. A group of black students at an Ivy-League college and their everyday lives, going from love to race and pressure to succeed in a predominantly white-dominated world.
    You really need to watch it.

To know what series I’ve watched / what I’m watching, check out my TV Time account: ellarend.

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