How I Plan My Trips

Risultati immagini per plane ellarendDo you really want to travel but have a low budget?
Here are my tips on how to visit (almost) all at a low cost.

Compare Flights SkyScanner.png

  1. Plan your trip in advance. Check on SkyScanner and Google Flights when are the lowest seasons and combinations. Usually the less expensive flights depart on Tuesdays.
    In SkyScanner you can also look for a destination and compare across months the cheapest dates.
    If you are going by train, check Trainline EU.
    If it’s a short trip, consider going by bus! I always use FlixBus. They even have InterFlix, a 5-cities ticket for 99 EUR you can use for 3 months, great for your eurotrip!
  2. Book your accommodation. My favorite site for booking hotels is because I find it safe and reliable, and there are often discounts and sales.
    If you are looking for a flat, airbnb is your friend, especially convenient when you are traveling with your family or big group of friends. If you use my airbnb discount code mariellar143 you get 40 USD less!
    Other sites I check are Hostelworld, Secret Escapes and
    If you want to be sure the place you are booking is legit, always search it in TripAdvisor (same with restaurants you want to try and guides).
    If you are really low of budget, you can use also CouchsurfingStatue.JPG
  3. Start deciding what you want to see / eat / drink! I normally google “Free Things to do in X“, check Lonely Planet and TimeOut‘s websites and ask friends for recommendations. Usually every city has also an official website where they give you tips from what to visit to which events to go in town. GetYourGuide has good offers on activities and museums’ tickets.
  4. Don’t forget anything. Before I used to write detailed lists of everything I needed to bring, now I just use the Packr app and I am good to go.
  5. Track your flight. I tend to arrive early to the airport, drink a coffee and check if my flight is late with the App in the Air app. It also keeps all my trips organized.Rome sky.JPG
  6. Tour the city. If I want to participate on a guided sightseeing, I always google “Free Walking Tours in X”. They are tip-based (usually around 5-10EUR per person) and are an amazing way to discover the city with a local.
    If you prefer a private tour, try looking into Withlocals, where you can find things to do, food experiences and tours made by local hosts.  Risultati immagini per sofar ellarend
  7. Move around. I always search the city I am going to in the Google Maps app on my phone and download the offline version for free, so I don’t get lost every time.
    To know which local transportation to take I use Moovit and Citymapper. If the city is not available in these two websites/apps, for a lot of towns there is an app with the offline version of the local transports (just search X Map on you app store), or you can use the good old paper map!
    To take a taxi I just use Uber (discount code rmshd6) and Cabify (code: mariellar4) because I think there are the easiest and safest apps. Rome bridge.jpg
  8.  Go outside, meet some people! MeetUp and Internations are two cool ways to go to events with locals and expats. Internations is more organized so often there is a fee, but MeetUp is almost always for free or at a low cost.
    If you are lucky to travel on one of the dates they are having a concert and be picked for a ticket, Sofar is an amazing way to meet locals and go to a free concert. Italian cheese.JPG
  9. Try some local food. The best ways to taste some local delicacies are to go to the market and to the places where the menu is not in English. Follow the locals, discover authentic food, eat first and judge after.Processed with VSCO with ke1 presetHey, you can even organize a picnic in the park! Rome clouds.JPG
  10. Get lost. Put away your phone with Google Maps for a while and just follow the streets you feel like to for an afternoon. Stop at the independent cafés and shops, sit on a bench and do some people watching, spend some time only with yourself.

A lot of the websites mentioned have an app version so you can check everything on your phone.
Do you have any other tips?

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