On the Road: Montreux

Château de Chillon Montreux

This time I crossed the border to the French part of Switzerland!

Auberge de jeunesse montreux

We arrived on Friday evening and just enjoyed the beauty of the place. Our hostel in Montreux, Auberge de Jeunesse, was just in front of the lake, so we just watched the sunset from the benches by the water and chatted until we got hungry. After a dinner that was delicious but took absolutely AGES to appear, we went back to the hostel and had some drinks outside.

Château de Chillon Montreux Château de Chillon Montreux Château de Chillon Montreux

The idea was to visit at least something on our relaxing weekend trip. I guess we took that out of the list when we walked on Saturday morning until Château de Chillon (fun fact: chillon = ‘cry baby’ in Spanish).

Pool Villeneuve

After feeling we had done something with our day (especially after the party until 5 am the night before) we walked until Pool Villeneuve and had lunch.

Zurich Together

In the afternoon we basked in the sun until it got late and we walked to dinner in town. At night, we ended up at a disco with sand on the floor I would not recommend, so we just went back to the hostel and stayed awake chatting in our rooms until who knows what time.

Auberge de jeunesse montreux

I realized we could literally just have stayed in Zurich and organized a pajama party with the so few activities we did, but also that company is what makes a trip spectacular, and we definitely had great company.

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