A Morning of Art & Food in Barranco

Barranco is, together with Miraflores, my favorite “distrito”, district of Lima, and my Instagram every time I visit definitely doesn’t hide that.

This morning I met with two of my oldest and best friends and we celebrated Christmas having a very traditional Peruvian breakfast typical for weekends and special occasions: Pan con Chicharrón. If you are thinking about trying this delicious sandwich (to drink with a Café Pasado or a Chicha Morada), the best place for sure is El Chinito.

One of my friends didn’t finish her sandwich so we decided to share the love (meat) with a stray dog, that we discovered later from the neighbors is called Eduardo. Feed an Eduardo this Christmas.

Since I didn’t have coffee, I took my friends to my favorite coffee shop in Barranco, Bisetti.

After the espresso we went to the most iconic place in Barranco, El Puente de los Suspiros. Legend says that if you cross it without breathing your wish will come true, but we just took selfies and admired the wonderful street art in La Bajada de Baños.

A new section commemorated Mujeres (women) and all those words that most identify strong Peruvian women: Achorada (defiant), Recia (tough), Aguerrida (brave), Respondona (lippy, someone that always replies back).

A quick stop at the Feria de Barranco (and a temporary matching tattoo!) and we ended up our morning tour at Colonia & Co for a beer.

Happy Holidays to you all!

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