A Weekend in Paris

Working during the week, getting lost during the weekend, Paris in February was grey but fantastic.

Taking the train is for me the best option, since I arrive into the city centre and with the metro I am ready to transfer anywhere. The TGV to Paris Gare de Lyon from Zurich is 4 hours and has WiFi, comfortable seats, and sells coffee, so basically everything I need.

In Paris I always discover new flavours: I tried for the first time Ethiopian food at Menelik and really enjoyed it!

Our work party was at Quai Quest and this restaurant in the outskirts of town was absolutely beautiful (and the duck was so good!)

Working in tourism I get to do things that my friends outside of the industry consider peculiar, like going to the Louvre for a meeting. This second time I got to visit areas that I had not visited before, like the one about the construction of the museum, and the apartments of the king. Every single time I go it’s a surprise.

We bought a carnet of 10 single tickets for the metro and divided it into us three. I learned the hard way that the tickets demagnetise if close to phones or credit cards, and we also developed a way to pass the ticket, luggage and ourselves through the gate without getting smashed (their system is mad).

Always on the topic of trying different cuisines, I tried again poutine (with a twist!) at Quebecium bistro. The staff was lovely and I would really like to return!

Walking makes you hungry right? We went to Montmartre to eat and ended up at Cafe Chappe for an apéro and at L’Annexe for a late dinner. I would 100% suggest going to L’Annexe, the food was delicious and the waiter was so patient with us, just remember to book since the place is tiny!

Strolling around Paris by myself cleanses my mind and makes me happy. It is like a weird therapy for me.

On Saturday morning I visited for the first time Le Petit Palais (free entrance for all) and then walked to Jardin des Tuileries with a quick stop at Rosa Bonheur for a Gallette.

Shakespeare and Company is a mandatory stop for me and for all the people that love books and can’t stop buying them. My routine is to first get a coffee at the café and then enter the shop (two different doors) and get one second-hand book and one new book. This time I bought Breakfast at Tiffany’s (second-hand) and At the Existentialist Café (new).

More walking deserved some more food, so we went to Restaurant Georgette for dinner. The place and the prices were bigger than the night before, so even if Georgette was delicious L’Annexe remained my favourite also for the personal touch.

To conclude our time in Paris, after another mandatory stop, this time at the supermarket (to get all those things that I couldn’t find in Switzerland) we ate our last meal in Colorova, a bright and popular (book in advance!) restaurant in Montparnasse with a set brunch menu that can feed an entire family (or at least two).

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