A Weekend in July 2019

I found the draft of a post I wrote in July 2019 about a normal summer weekend in Zurich, eating and drinking out and enjoying the sun with friends, and and I read it at home alone in a quarantine day when I weirdly wore normal clothes AND makeup. Check it out. 

Something that adulthood has taught me is that often you really like to spend time with certain people but work, life and travels stand in the way. That doesn’t mean though you should stop trying to meet them. You can always block your calendar even if your available dates only match on a Friday in two months and book that restaurant you’ve been talking about for so long.

That restaurant in this case was Barranco, a Peruvian restaurant in Zurich, and even if it was gourmet and not cheap it was definitely delicious.

Barranco Peruvian Restaurant Zurich

I’m mentioning “gourmet” because Peruvian food for me it’s not small portions with fancy decorations at all, it’s what my family cooks, the plate of Ceviche with fresh fish from that morning, it’s a mountain of Arroz Chaufa at the Chifa, but I guess those are the restaurants that are opening abroad (and that are having great success), not a homely neighborhood place like I’m used to. Barranco Peruvian Restaurant Zurich

Independently of my views on Peruvian restaurants abroad, the dishes I would really recommend are this Chicharrón above, the Anticuchos de Pollo (this post’s first photo) and the Quinua con Leche below. Glorious! Barranco Peruvian Restaurant Zurich

If you actually prefer more to chill outside drinking a beer in the sun, Rimini Bar is your place.

Rimini Bar ZurichRimini Bar Zurich

You can always go out for dinner afterwards, like we did at Luigia. Even if we couldn’t book and had to wait a bit, it offered the best pizza I’ve tried in Zurich so far, with top-notch ingredients, nice atmosphere, and the only downside a quite mediocre coffee.

Luigia ZurichPizza Luigia ZurichLuigia Zurich

Needless to stay, after such an intense social life this weekend (I swear it’s almost never like this), I stayed home on Sunday, but ended up going to Kennedy’s Irish Pub because they had, of course, as every Sunday, WINGS.

Kennedy's Irish Pub ZurichKennedy's Irish Pub Zurich

The End.

I will go back to my German course and pyjamas now. 

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