20 Netflix Shows You Should Watch

The entire world now has much more time on their hands, and what has been saving our morale is something that in “normal” days many people would consider not fundamental: the arts.
From the unread books in our house to painting to the series and movies we never managed to watch because we were so busy (with what?), we are rediscovering our long lost (or never explored) love for everything that is creative.
This is the first post of a series about creative things that I have enjoyed lately or that I always recommend. Let’s start with Netflix!

Lovesick: British show about a guy that needs to contact all his exes to tell them an uncomfortable surprise. I love this show.
Grace and Frankie: two very different women in their 70-80s are united by the fact that their husbands want a divorce because they are in love with each other and have been for years! My mum loves it, my flatmate loves it, I love it, you are gonna love it.
The Good Place: how does heaven look like? what if you end up there by mistake? what’s the correct thing to do in such situation? what would the philosophers say about it? Such a good show!
The IT Crowd: because “have you tried turning it off and on again?” solves 90% of the problems.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: a New York police station as you have never seen it.
Sweet Magnolias: a small town and a group of women that support each other. It reminded me a lot of Hart of Dixie!

Documentaries & Reality Shows
Ugly Delicious: Korean-American chef David Chang travels around the world to try different dishes and cuisines and see how they have influenced each other in time. I am sure there is at least one episode dedicated to your favourite food.
Salt Fat Acid Heat: four episodes, each based on one of these concepts, traveling and eating all around the world.
Queer Eye: this show makes me smile and believe in good people. Just watch it.
Rhythm & Flow: Cardi B and Chance the Rapper finding the next rap superstar.
Next in Fashion: Tan France (from Queer Eye) and Alexa Chung and the search for the next and most innovative big name in fashion.

Quirky Teen TV Comedies
Atypical: a teenage boy that has autism spectrum disorder and loves penguins tries to have a normal life with his family and friends.
Everything Sucks: set in 1996, a group of teenagers try to make a movie together and survive high school in the best possible way. Imagine Stranger Things but happy and without monsters.
Never Have I Ever: an Indian-American girl, in the middle of her two worlds, decides to have an awesome second year of high school. Will it work?
Sex Education: a high school student discovers to be good at giving love and sex advice and helps everyone to be with somebody (forgetting himself?).

Pose: New York’s LGBT ballroom culture in the 80s with all its glories and falls. Eye-opening!
Mad Men: an office and its people, the advertising world and the US during the 20th century. Still after years one of the best tv shows I have ever watched.
The Umbrella Academy: adopted brothers and sisters with superpowers trying to have a normal life, but their destiny is always around the corner. Action, fantasy, comedy, can’t wait for the second season!
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Australia, the 1950s, a fancy lady detective investigating murders with glorious outfits and fantastic comebacks. I need 10 seasons of this 😀
Tales of the City: one house and the people that have lived there during the years. Great stories!

Stand-up Comedy Shows
Nanette – Hannah Gadsby (watch “Douglas” by her too afterwards!)
Jigsaw – Daniel Schloss
Homecoming King – Hasan Minhaj
Latin History for Morons – John Leguizamo
Lower Classy – Cristela Alonzo
Glitter Room – Katherine Ryan
Comedians of the World: stand-up comedy in all different sauces and languages.

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